For over 30 years, Square One Productions has been at the forefront of visualization for urban planning and architecture. Square One combines current technology with an urban planner's eye to provide revealing and accurate visuals. Integrating informed site photography with computer-generated perspectives, we are able to offer an excellent visualization of design, scale and impact. We are proud that our work has won the trust of Bay Area Planning Commissions and the praise of the urban planning community.

Our office is located in the historic Maybeck Building at 1736 Stockton Street in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Phone (415) 398-7044.

How We Work

Architectural Plans Come to Life

We consult closely with architects to ensure that their intent is accurately portrayed. CAD drawings, 3d models, materials boards, and landscape guidelines help us build images that are accurate and informative.

A Neighborhood Shown in the Future

With the team's guidance and using decades of experience, we take photographs from viewpoints of interest to the city and to neighbors. We work closely with clients and city staff to ensure that the viewpoints of most interest are represented. Creating panoramic shots maximizes context, supplying the viewer with familiar landmarks, providing a sense of location and scale.

Integrated Design

To help communicate with the team throughout the process, Square One creates a project web site under a private address. Several potential viewpoint photos are posted on the project website for final viewpoint selection. Progress renderings are then posted at key benchmarks. Thus clients, consultants, city planning staff and others will be able to share and discuss progress images and products. This open communication device becomes extremely useful when the design process is still in flux.


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